Pricing and Fees


Attention Job Applicants!

for job applicants our services are free of charge. We do not collect registration fee, application fee, placement fee etc.


Attention Employers!

As soon as we receive your completed and signed Client Application and Referral Agreement we will begin our search.
When you select the applicants you would like to meet we will help you arrange the interview times.  Our experienced
Consultants will advise you on variety of matters, including interviewing techniques, the development of a work
agreement and other employment guidelines. Our goal is to help you establish a mutual, rewarding and long-lasting

Once your ideal candidate accepts an offer of employment, we will provide you with the employee's background checks (SSN Trace +Associated Counties: Verify names, aliases, and counties on record associated with the candidate’s Social Security number; Sex Offender List Search: Search a multi-state sex offender registry that includes hundreds of thousands of offender records nationwide; National Criminal Databases Search: Search criminal records databases from all 50 states, including digitized records from Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the Courts and county court records; Federal Criminal Databases Search:
Search across the 94 U.S. federal courts for violations of federal criminal law) and our invoice payable in full following the two-week
Employee work trial. There are extra fees for any additional background checks. Please ask for our Background
Investigation Services Order Form for more information.

Our One Time Referral Fee is 12% of the Employee's first year Gross Annual Compensation (6 x weekly salary) for the
permanent placement. Maison Agency provides a 6-month guarantee for all positions.  Should an employee leave the job
within the first six months from the date of hire for any reason, we will provide an equally qualified replacement at no
additional charge. In any case, we will do whatever is within our means to make sure you are happy with your new
employee. We advise you to review our Referral Agreement for a detailed outline of all of our terms.

We are eager to partner with you on this important search and appreciate you give us this opportunity to find a special candidate for your home.